DFL Caucuses How-To

How to caucus for Christa

Key Points:

  1. Register to caucus here, before April 30.
  2. Rank Christa #1.
  3. Don’t rank or cast a ballot for a candidate you don’t support.
  4. Be a delegate to the City and Ward conventions.
  5. Select delegates that you believe will support endorsing Christa at the City convention.

How to Caucus

When you register to caucus, you’ll be sent a link to an online form. The form will allow you to

  • Choose subcaucuses according to your preferred candidate(s).
  • Nominate yourself as a delegate to the City and ward conventions.

In May, delegates to the conventions will be chosen from among the subcaucuses.

Those delegates decide who gets the DFL endorsement. (See this page for an overview of the entire 2021 DFL endorsement process.)

Wait, Subcaucus?!

Subcaucusing is how caucus participants organize together to declare who they want the party to endorse.

In an in-person caucus, this looks like people grouping together in different parts of the room, counting how big their groups are, and then smaller groups will join into larger ones to become “viable” (that is, large enough to be entitled to elect at least one delegate for the city convention).

Online, subcaucusing looks like ranked choice voting. And as a voter, the strategy is similar: you want to give your first rank to the person who you think most needs your support.

So you should consider ranking the “downballot” races highest—rank your preferred BET and park board candidate(s) above your preferred mayoral candidate. If those downballot races don’t result in viable subcaucuses, you will still wind up in your highest-ranked viable subcaucus—usually a mayoral candidate.

And don’t rank a candidate you don’t support! It’s okay not to use all the available rankings.

Here is a sample of what that might look like:

A sample ballot with Christa ranked #1
The names will appear in a random order on every ballot! Click mindfully.

Becoming a delegate

In May, you will vote for individual delegates—other caucus participants in your precinct—in your highest-ranked viable subcaucus. Delegates are the people who will vote on the DFL endorsement.

To nominate yourself to be a delegate to the city convention, select these next two options before clicking “next.”

Click yes on "Would you like to run as a City Convention delegate"
Be a delegate to the city convention—it will take minutes instead of an entire day of your life.
Click yes on "Did you sign up to run as a delegate"
Then, be sure to confirm your self-nomination as a delegate.

Assuming you have a city council candidate that you support, you should also check the box to be a delegate to your ward convention. Each “convention” will be a form that you fill out online—you don’t have to go anywhere or lose a beautiful spring day inside a school gym or convention center.

After you nominate yourself to be a delegate, you’ll be asked to give a brief statement in support of your being a delegate. Consider this your “stump speech.” Let your neighbors know what you value and why you would represent them and their interests well at the convention. As you write this, remember that you are talking to other people in your precinct, but they could be in any of the subcaucuses that you ranked.

And that’s how to caucus, to participate in creating the City you want to see, and to support Christa!

The next step…

Between May 12 and 18 you will be able to elect delegates from your highest-ranked subcaucus to attend the City convention. These elected delegates are the people who will vote on the DFL endorsement.

You’ll be mailed a link to a ballot. Fill it out and submit it by May 18. Whether or not you become a delegate yourself, the best way to support Christa with your ballot is to select delegates that you believe will support endorsing Christa at the City convention.