Dear Delegates

Christa Moseng in a red dress and blazer in front of the Minneapolis skyline

Dear delegates,

Thank you

First of all, my sincere thanks for participating in the endorsement process. Your endorsement votes will help shape the city. I hope you find it considerably more convenient and less onerous than being stuck in the convention center for an entire Saturday in June with people using parliamentary stunts at one another and calling it “politics.”

What’s next?

June 9–15 City Convention Balloting: On or about June 9, Minneapolis DFL will e-mail you a link. That will be your endorsement ballot for the City convention. That ballot is how you vote for the DFL endorsements for Mayor, Park Board (both at-large and district representatives), and BET.

It’s probably a good idea to copy and paste the ballot number from your email into the ballot—that way you don’t risk a typo that would result in an invalid vote.

To endorse someone, 60% of convention participants must agree, so it is important that you submit your ballot by the June 15th deadline.

Things to consider

You’re the delegate, and you’re free to cast your ballot however you choose. Here are some things to consider as you decide how to fill out your ballot:

  • Mayor and Park Board District races are ranked choice.
    • With ranked choice voting you can’t inadvertently “knock out” a candidate you prefer by ranking someone lower that you’re ambivalent about.
    • For these races it makes sense to rank all of your preferences, and include among them the “no endorsement” option (in the appropriate ranking, just after everyone you’d be happy to see endorsed).
  • BET and Park Board At-Large races are not ranked choice! They are multi-winner approval elections. This voting system calls for a different voting strategy.
  • In general, don’t cast a ballot for someone you don’t support! It is okay not to use all of your rankings/votes.
An example ballot. There are four options, and only one is checked.
This is an example of how to fill out your ballot if you only support one BET candidate.

Other races

Mayoral, Park Board, and other BET candidates may contact you and ask for your vote. I didn’t give them your information! We’re all getting the same information about convention delegates from the DFL. This includes contact info and which subcaucus sent you to the convention as a delegate.

In case you find it helpful:

  • Mayor: If you want to chat about how I am personally planning to rank mayoral candidates, feel free to email me or DM me on twitter.
  • Park Board: The following Park Board candidates generally share my values, and would be outstanding stewards of our world-class park system:

Thanks again for your support!