Get a Christa for BET ribbon!

One "Christa for BET" ribbon, next to a cat paw

Get a ribbon to show your support for Christa! These silk-screened ribbons are 100% handcrafted and home-made by Christa’s Campaign Manager, Pine. As these are completely bespoke, you can expect yours to have a touch that makes it unique. Because these are handmade, you…

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DFL Caucus/Convention Information

How to caucus for Christa

You can get all the details about the 2021 Minneapolis DFL caucus and convention process here. Party caucuses and conventions are a great way to get to know your neighbors and organize support for the leadership you want your city to have. They’re also…

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Election Info

green checkmark

When is the election? The election is November 2, 2021. How can I register to vote? You can register to vote online. You can also register to vote on election day, with proof of residency. To avoid the extra time in line in November,…

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