Christa’s Endorsements

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Elected Officials Lisa BenderCity Council President,Ward 10 City Councilmember, andBET Member Steve FletcherWard 3 City Councilmember andBET Member Jeremy SchroederWard 11 City Councilmember Jono CowgillMinneapolis Park & Recreation Board President,District 4 Commissioner, andFormer BET Member Chris MeyerMinneapolis Park & Recreation BoardDistrict 1 Commissionerand Planning…

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DFL Caucus/Convention Information

How to caucus for Christa

You can get all the details about the 2021 Minneapolis DFL caucus and convention process here. Party caucuses and conventions are a great way to get to know your neighbors and organize support for the leadership you want your city to have. They’re also…

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Election Info

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When is the election? The election is November 2, 2021. How can I register to vote? You can register to vote online. You can also register to vote on election day, with proof of residency. To avoid the extra time in line in November,…

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Why I’m Running

Hi! I’m running for the Board of Estimate and Taxation to restore trust and credibility to this important oversight role. Minneapolis gives its residents a unique independent opportunity to provide input, evaluate, and approve the City’s taxing and borrowing decisions. The city deserves BET…

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