Candidate Q & A, part 3

Q & A with Christa

As people ask me questions about the BET and about my campaign, I will share some of the most interesting or common questions along with my answers. Previous Q & As: Part 1, Part 2

Q. What issues outside of taxation and debt are you involved in?

A. I am interested in sustainable transportation and land use within the city. I am an infrequent author/contributor to, an organization with a mission “to foster positive connections and inclusive conversations about better places in Minnesota,” and a member of the climate emergency committee. I am an advocate for LGBT inclusion and particularly for equitable transgender healthcare access.

Q. How can you use your position on this financial board to influence the overall governance of the city?

A. As one member of a six-person board that determines the city’s property tax levy and bond issuance, I understand that any power rests in working collaboratively with other board members to accomplish the City’s policy goals while ensuring the City’s overall financial health. I anticipate bringing my expertise and my perspective to these discussions and conversations.

The City’s policy and budget-priority decisions rest appropriately in the City Council, Mayor, Park Board, etc. Accordingly, I intend to work constructively with the other members of the board within the scope of the jurisdiction accorded to the Board of Estimate and Taxation.