First and foremost, I want to apologize to everyone who has supported us. Unfortunately for all of us, my candidate was too qualified for this seat on the Board, and the next step in her career path precludes her from politics.

The values we campaigned on, equity, increasing access to our budgeting process, and investing in our city, are values I hold deeply. To the people and the organizations my campaign was honored to receive endorsements from based on those shared values, I can only offer you my sincere thanks for your support for the campaign I was running, and I plan to continue to support you going forward.

Financial donations are in the process of being refunded to the generous people who donated, and I am hopeful that they will be redirected to another candidate that each donor supports, but that decision is in the hands of each donor.

Donations of labor, however, can’t be refunded. To everyone who spread the word about Christa, to everyone who helped educate people about what the Board of Estimate and Taxation is and does, to everyone who stamped postcards, to everyone who put on and everyone who voted to endorse her at the citywide convention – the ONLY citywide endorsed candidate – I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I am in your debt. I am incredibly proud of what we were able to do together, and I hope you are too.

Since the campaign I’ve been involved with is ending, I, personally, will be continuing to be spending time supporting candidates and issues I have supported all along (and now I can publicly support some I was prevented from publicly supporting earlier!)

Here are some donation links for candidates and issues. Not every candidate or issue I support is on here, but these are the ones where I think funds will go furthest. In no particular order:
Elliot Payne
Steve Fletcher
Phillipe Cunningham
Jeremiah Ellison
Nick Kor
Jason Chavez
Jeremy Schroeder
Mike Norton
Eric Moran
Becky Alper
Jono Cowgill

Risa Hustad
Tom Olson
Minneapolis United For Rent Control

-Pine Salica 🌲