When I announced my candidacy for a seat on the Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET), it was because I believed that my service on the BET would help restore trust and credibility to this important oversight body.

I also believed then, as I do today, that the BET has long underutilized its capacity to improve access to—and equity in—the city’s taxing and public investment decisions.

Very recently, I was offered a rare professional opportunity for full-time public service—one that will put my background, knowledge, and skills to their best use.  But, to serve in this new capacity, professional ethics require that I refrain from political activity, including campaigning for elected office.

This decision is bittersweet, and one I do not make lightly. While I am excited about this new role and the opportunity to serve the public in this capacity, I recognize that many people were counting on me and excited that I could give them a voice on the BET. I would love to be able to perform both roles. I cannot.

Accordingly, I have decided not to include my name on the ballot.

I offer my gratitude and my apologies to the people and groups who have supported me and my candidacy. I specifically want to thank the volunteers and contributors who made this campaign possible and successful—especially my Campaign Manager; my Treasurer; Julia Curran, who created my iconic logo; and Ryan Ricard who programmed the Levy Simulator.

I will work with my treasurer to promptly return all monetary campaign contributions and terminate my campaign committee.

Consistent with the limitations on my political activity, I will not endorse any candidate in the BET race or any other race.

Thank you for your understanding,